Alison Blay-Palmer

Published: Imagining Sustainable Food Systems

‘Imagining Sustainable Food Systems: Theory and Practice’ Alison Blay-Palmer (ed.) is now available through Ashgate Publishing in hardcover or as an e-book.

Content: What defines a sustainable food system? How can it be more inclusive? How do local and global scales interact and how does power flow within food systems? How to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to realizing sustainable food systems? And how to activate change?

These questions are considered by EU and North American academics and practitioners in this book. Using a wide range of case studies, it provides a critical overview, showing how and where theory and practice can converge to produce more sustainable food systems.


This book makes an important contribution to the literature on alternative food systems. It moves beyond enumerating the problems with the current food system (including problems with “alternative” food strategies) and begins to build ideas of what a sustainable food system might include. In particular, the focus on particular strategies, policies, and business arrangements that could be part of a sustainable food system makes this book a “must-read” for those interested in developing a sustainable future.
— Sarah Wakefield, University of Toronto, Canada.