Alison Blay-Palmer

Nourishing Communities researchers: On-site Institutional Food Production project

Two Ontario ministries (Agriculture and Food, and Rural Affairs) recently announced the results of their New Directions funding competition. We are pleased to tell you that a proposal led by Nourishing Communities researchers Phil Mount and Irena Knezevicwas successful. The proposal, titled Feasibility Study of On-Site Institutional Food Production: Leveraging public land to grow shared opportunities, was developed in partnership with My Sustainable CanadaCanadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and Nourishing Communities researchers Alison Blay-Palmer and Karen Landman.

This three-year project is expected to start in September of this year, and will assess the feasibility of growing food on institutional lands, through collaborative arrangements with local food producers. This project builds on several Ontario research projects investigating the intersection of institutional procurement and sustainable local food. Case studies will be conducted with current food production initiatives on public lands, while administrators of public institutions across the province will participate in surveys and interviews. Pilot food production projects will also be launched at a hospital, a long-term care facility, and a high school. Watch this space for more details, and an update when the project is officially launched.